[Bye Bye Basil #3]

Tape #3 of party honoring Basil Talbott. Includes footage of Chicago Mayor Harold Washington the week before he died.

0:00Copy video clip URL Neil Hardigan on stage talking about Basil Talbott.

1:40Copy video clip URL Michael H, the emcee, introduces George Ryan.

2:00Copy video clip URL George Ryan takes stage and reads letter from James Thompson, Governor of Illinois.

3:35Copy video clip URL Michael returns to stage and introduces Bob Page, publisher of the Sun-Times.

4:10Copy video clip URL Page takes stage.

5:30Copy video clip URL Michael returns to stage and introduces Harold Washington, Mayor of Chicago.

7:00Copy video clip URL Harold Washington takes stage and relates some anecdotes and wishes Basil well in Washington.

9:30Copy video clip URL Washington is presented with Basil Talbott shirt and he gives Basil a tapestry of the City of Chicago’s 150th anniversary.

10:30Copy video clip URL Michael makes jokes about the mayor and introduces Basil Talbott.

11:00Copy video clip URL Basil takes stage to give farewell speech.

12:40Copy video clip URL Formal program is over. People mill around and socialize.

13:00Copy video clip URL Two women petition to inherit Basil’s office and wish him well.

14:05Copy video clip URL Men tell stories about Basil.

15:35Copy video clip URL Old man tells story about Basil and his father. Debates the relative merits of the names Basil and Gus.

16:55Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel describes Basil’s talents.

18:10Copy video clip URL Man with long beard jokes about Basil and complains about pizza at party.

19:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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