CamNet, episode 1402

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s.

01:16Copy video clip URL “The 90’s” channel intro plays. 

02:05Copy video clip URL In Los Angeles, CA a woman narrates joining “investigators” Ken and Jeff in Riverside for a stake-out. Ken and Jeff were trying to get back some disks that had been stolen from a company. They worry about cops seeing them and being suspicious.

06:44Copy video clip URL They follow the woman they’ve been staking out and check into the same hotel as her.

10:30Copy video clip URL They go into the woman’s hotel room and get the disks. One man says “it was too easy, I’m nervous.”

13:24Copy video clip URL CamNet title card and program break with ads.

15:35Copy video clip URL At the Sunset Hall Retirement Residence in LA, Nancy Cain talks to a woman about why Sunset Hall is “sort of famous.” Visual glitches on the screen throughout the segment.

16:28Copy video clip URL Footage of the Sunset Hall residents, specifically one man playing piano.

17:40Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain talks to a resident, John, about the gathering of residents to celebrate the book “Kaleidoscope” they (the residents) wrote.

18:18Copy video clip URL Donald Ryan, one of the residents, delivers a welcome speech to the other residents. More people discuss the book–“this is really history and it’s literature, too…I was really touched by all of them.”

21:02Copy video clip URL Excerpts from “Kaleidoscope,” about war and life, are read aloud.

27:03Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

29:05Copy video clip URL Paul Krassner delivers the CamNet Network News, talking about politics and film before giving his commentary.

31:21Copy video clip URL A gathering for the next US New York Senator in Buffalo, New York. They discuss Bush and how “he has not been very good to [them].” The man introducing the Senatorial candidate asks all the kids what career they want and gives them advice on accomplishing these goals.

34:22Copy video clip URL Liz Holtzman speaks to the kids about her goals for education.

36:49Copy video clip URL In Eugene, Oregon, there is a competition for red heads to see who has “the longest red hair and the whitest legs and the most freckles.” 

40:13Copy video clip URL Everyone gets together for a group picture.

41:33Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

43:33Copy video clip URL Eric Lieber, Executive Producer of “Love Connection,” talks about how he got involved in the video dating service. People discuss why they like “Love Connection” and how it’s a safe way to date.

45:15Copy video clip URL Footage of a live taping of “Love Connection.” 

46:17Copy video clip URL Eric explains more about how the show and dates work.

46:53Copy video clip URL The videographer watches more of the show and talks to some of the people who are on the show about their motivation. Both women and men complain about not being able to find someone that’s right for them.

49:22Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

51:24Copy video clip URL More interviews with “Love Connection” participants. One woman says that it is “cheaper…we’re basically a talk show with a comedy twist” and you don’t have to pay for dating services. She also talks about why dating in the 90’s is difficult–“[people] don’t have the time or energy to go out to the clubs.”

54:05Copy video clip URL They prepare candidates for the show, by having them create a video tape and taking pictures of them. 

56:33Copy video clip URL Credits roll over footage.



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