CamNet, episode 1602

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s focusing on Christmas shopping and the death of Superman.

00:58Copy video clip URL “The 90’s” channel intro theme.

02:07Copy video clip URL Veterinarian treats animals and videographer discusses other procedures.

07:29Copy video clip URL Two married veterinarians discuss their interest in holistic medicine, working in collaboration with each other, and how they met/fell in love.

13:37Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

15:33Copy video clip URL “Recession Busters” narrative segment plays. A man discusses how he copes with the recession. 

19:27Copy video clip URL Barbara Brownell talks to a man about Hollywood and racism. 

23:40Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

26:00Copy video clip URL At the observatory in LA, the videographer attends an event for the death of Superman in a battle with Doomsday. People discuss how they feel and if they would want him to be brought back. 

32:06Copy video clip URL Batman speaks about Superman, followed by Robin, asking at the end if “anybody seen Clark Kent?”

34:43Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

36:39Copy video clip URL At the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, CA, the videographer and Beth Lapides talk to people about shopping. Beth remarks that shopping is like a “museum of culture.”

40:36Copy video clip URL Title card reads “Paris/Le Lavandou June 1992” followed by “‘Summertime’ with Jimmy Z” before the music video plays. A concert performance is intercut with the artist lip-syncing by the ocean.

45:09Copy video clip URL In Eugene, Oregon Jody Procter walks through a mall talking about Christmas shopping and the impact of malls. 

52:23Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

55:20Copy video clip URL Further footage from Superman event plays under video credits.



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