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News profile of oil the US receives from Canada, including its economic benefits and environmental harm.

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0:55Copy video clip URL Shots overlooking Canadian oil sands. A voice-over from Elizabeth Brackett explains Canada’s place in the US oil economy. Rob Renner explains the critical nature of oil for both American and Canadian economies.

1:52Copy video clip URL Brackett narrates the process of extracting bitumen from the sands, as well as the role of Syncrude, a venture including seven oil companies. Peter Read comments on the process.

2:42Copy video clip URL David Sykuta talks about the good points of Canadian oil and the use of pipelines.

3:02Copy video clip URL Opposition to pipelines. Pictures of climate activists and protests. Brackett details the process that the bitumen undergoes to be market ready, and the harm it does to the environment.

3:48Copy video clip URL Simon Dyer gives further statistics showing the environmental harm oil sands cause. Renner claims that the oil sands “compare favorably” with conventional oil.

4:37Copy video clip URL Bitumen’s impact on water. Steven Gaudet talks about Syncrude’s recycling efforts. George Poitrus asserts that the pollution of the water is a huge problem for people living along the Athabasca River due to increased rates of rare cancers.

6:04Copy video clip URL Effects of highly polluted tailing ponds on wildlife. Gaudet expresses remorse at a group of ducks that flew into one of the ponds and drowned.

6:27Copy video clip URL Mining’s effect on the land. Gaudet talks about the reclaiming of lands by Syncrude for wildlife, specifically bison. Dyer responds saying Syncrude is not doing good enough.

7:27Copy video clip URL A new method called stem assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) which doesn’t have such a large effect on the land. Footage of a facility in Alberta while Brackett explains the process. She also shares the downside: it releases twice as many greenhouse gases as open pit mining.

8:21Copy video clip URL Efforts to bring SAGD emissions down.  Perry Berkenpas shares his optimism.

8:44Copy video clip URL The oil rush’s overcrowding effect on the town of Fort McMurray. A resident gives his thoughts, saying that the oil boom has allowed for higher wages.

9:22Copy video clip URL Dyer claims that the investments in the oil sands are increasing both Canada’s and the US’ dependence on oil. Sykuta comments on the US Conference of Mayors’ call for a ban on high carbon sources of energy, calling it an “economic disaster” for the mid-west. US Congress is also considering a ban.

10:50Copy video clip URL Film still of Canadian oil sands

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