[Chicago Channel Promo]

A promo for an idea called the "Chicago Channel," which would be a cable channel with locally produced programming.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black.

0:10Copy video clip URL Chicago Channel logo and theme music.

0:26Copy video clip URL Footage of Chicago people and places with voice over promoting the idea of the channel. “The Chicago Channel is a bold new idea. It’s the first time the cable industry has joined with nationally recognized television producers to create a major local station. The Chicago Channel delivers what the people in Chicago are expecting: something new from cable TV. It creates an identity and a showpiece for cable TV in Chicago. It’s a station that gives people a home grown reason to subscribe to cable–a place on the dial that looks, sounds, and feels like the city of Chicago. The Chicago Channel is local television with national style and flair. It’s big city, big time local origination that’s designed to operate at a profit. In the next ten minutes, you’ll see the range of programming and the fresh perspective that is the Chicago Channel.

1:44Copy video clip URL Clip from “Overnight Man.” Joe Cummings driving past Chicago Christmas tree downtown. Talks about the Picasso statue in Daley Plaza: “Why couldn’t he give us something we could understand?”

2:13Copy video clip URL Clip from “Human Hair.” Nancy Cain and Bart Friedman report on a fire at Racine and Clybourn.

2:54Copy video clip URL Man and woman standing in front of Marina City introduce a show where people on the street tell jokes, followed by clips of all sorts of people telling them.

3:29Copy video clip URL Clip from “Inside Spring Training” 1978 (White Sox). Thad Boseley practices batting.

3:51Copy video clip URL Dancers rehearsing. Clips of other performance spaces like Victory Gardens, Organic Theater, Steppenwolf Theater, and many more.

4:13Copy video clip URL Mary Gross, George Wendt, Tim Kazurinsky perform in a comedy pilot called  “2+ 1.”

6:04Copy video clip URL Talking animals. Stop motion doll story.

6:50Copy video clip URL Clip about arcade games  from “Wired In.” Sliver Sue, arcade owner talks. Jamie (Jay) Fenton, game designer, demonstrates a new game.

7:41Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Ambassadors of Cabrini.” Documentary about the Jesse White Tumblers, a gymnastic group made up predominantly of kids from the Chicago Housing Authority’s Cabrini Green. In this clip,the Tumblers perform in the hallways of Cabrini and talk about disadvantages they have suffered growing up in the projects. “We can do the stuff that [the white kids] do. They can do it a little bit better because they have more money.”

8:50Copy video clip URL Congressman Dan Rostenkowski tells a story about Lyndon Johnson the public persona vs the regular guy.

9:37Copy video clip URL Jane Byrne Election Night 1979. Byrne watches the news as election results are being reported. She complains about her broken nails and her sore feet.

10:28Copy video clip URL Cheap Trick plays “I Want You to Want Me” live to huge crowd at Navy Pier.

11:17Copy video clip URL Blind John Davis plays piano and sings the blues.

11:40Copy video clip URL Wynton Marsalis and band perform live in Grant Park. Some video problems.

12:17Copy video clip URL Chicago Channel logo.

12:35Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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