[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 15]

In the final part of a roundtable discussion in preparation for the Spertus Museum of Judaica's 1994 exhibit, "Bridges and Boundaries: Chicago Crossings," a few of the artists discuss their plans for the show before the meeting is adjourned and the artists talk amongst themselves about race relations, among other things.

0:06Copy video clip URL Esther Parada talks to the group about a book; Yours in Struggle by Elly Bulkin, Minnie Bruce Pratt, and Barbara Smith.

0:55Copy video clip URL Hamza Walker tells the group about his and Parada’s plan to create a composite made up of combination-morphs of the artists’ faces, much like TIME Magazine’s November 1993 cover. “Do we get to pick who we combine with?” John Rozelle jokes.

5:50Copy video clip URL Morrie Fred adjourns the meeting for the evening, urging the artists to not hesitate and come forward with any issues in the future in hopes of fostering a more open environment.

6:41Copy video clip URL Edith Altman shows the group a book about “the relationships between the Orthodox Jews and the Crown Heights,” Skullcaps and Switchblades by David Lazerson.

7:45Copy video clip URL Following adjournment the artists talk amongst themselves. Topics of conversation range from Farrakhan to apartheid to brooches, with a long conversation about race between Rozelle and Claire Wolf Krantz.



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