[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 36B; Installation Footage & Gerda]

Artist Gerda Meyer-Bernstein begins installing her piece "The Phoenix" at the Spertus Museum of Judaica for their 1994 exhibition, "Bridges and Boundaries: Chicago Crossings."

0:40Copy video clip URL Gerda Meyer-Bernstein and her assistant Ben arrive at the Spertus Museum with the materials for her installation. Along with two additional assistants, they begin to unload.

4:06Copy video clip URL Meyer-Bernstein and the two helping hands move the glass into her space in the gallery.

8:35Copy video clip URL Meyer-Bernstein explains the addition of mirrors and clear glass in her piece in order to add reflective value. “When I use the searchlight… the glass is black and white, all mixed, and once it gets to be on the wall as a reflection it’s devoid of color, so we’re all the same.”

9:08Copy video clip URL Meyer-Bernstein talks about the subliminal inspiration of Kristallnacht on her piece, telling her first-person account of the night and her father’s narrow escape from the Gestapo.

11:15Copy video clip URL Meyer-Bernstein begins installing her piece.

14:28Copy video clip URL “Actually this piece is easier to do than the 600 suitcases… we can barely get everything in the longest truck you can rent when you do it,” says Gerda, referencing one of her earlier pieces.



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