[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 64; Student Mural]

Kartemquin Films' Jerry Blumenthal visits a classroom where a number of students along with two instructors are painting a mural to be hung outside their school. The tape primarily contains B-roll footage of the students and instructors messing around, with intermittent conversations and brief interviews.

0:00Copy video clip URL Wide-angle shot of the classroom and students.

0:41Copy video clip URL Closer shots of the mural panels.

2:37Copy video clip URL Close-up of one of the instructors painting a panel.

3:49Copy video clip URL The other instructor explains the role the chain link fence will play in the installation of the mural.

5:20Copy video clip URL One of the students shows off her silver-painted boots.

6:02Copy video clip URL One of the instructors explains what still has to be done on the mural, while the other instructor jumps in to correct her, indicating that the project has been in constant flux. “Through adversity comes strength,” the two say, chuckling.

10:09Copy video clip URL One of the instructors gives salsa lessons to two students.

11:26Copy video clip URL The instructors thank Jerry Blumenthal for the tungsten lights he put in the studio.

11:55Copy video clip URL Shots of a number of panels and students.

13:51Copy video clip URL Blumenthal approaches one of the male students who is seated in the corner, drawing. He shows him his tag, the word “Slick” partially concealed by an overlaid handgun. When asked why the gun was there, the boy insists, “I just put it there. I try to put it there to confuse you, so you won’t know what it says.”

17:18Copy video clip URL “You don’t even own a gun nor know how to shoot a gun, to be drawing a gun,” the boy’s instructor scorns. “But why are you drawing a gun? I mean, what, does it make you cool to draw a gun or what?” she asks, disapprovingly.

18:50Copy video clip URL The two instructors discuss the grammar on one of their panels, joking about Chicago Public Schools.

23:12Copy video clip URL The instructors have a playful argument with two of the boys over washing out paintbrushes.

24:30Copy video clip URL A girl paints over some text on one of the panels.

25:50Copy video clip URL One of the students makes his friend a “Nike-Converse-Fila-Champion” hybrid sneaker.




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