[Chicago Crossings: Bridges and Boundaries, reel 65; Student Mural]

Kartemquin Films' Jerry Blumenthal visits a classroom where a number of students along with two instructors are painting a mural to be hung outside their school. The tape contains shots of the mural's panels as well as casual conversation between the students in their late teens.

0:19Copy video clip URL B-roll shots of the studio classroom; one of the instructors explains to Jerry Blumenthal how she’s newly retired and very relieved.

1:36Copy video clip URL Shots of the mural panels.

3:34Copy video clip URL One of the instructors plays around with the horn they have in the classroom to the amusement of the students.

4:33Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of the students and their instructor. They talk about a vegetarian buffet, AP courses, college, and summer jobs.

10:45Copy video clip URL B-roll shots of the mural panels.

12:58Copy video clip URL Shots of the messy classroom and the retired instructor.



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