Chicago Slices, episode 9302

Episode 9302 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

1:12Copy video clip URL Cold open w/ Harry Nash. When asked, “What would be the best thing that could happen to you by being on this show?” He answers, “Well, I could have a show of my own!!”

1:25Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices opening.

1:53Copy video clip URL Tonight’s Show: “This week House O Matic, Kennnedy Woman Dr. Sheryl Pomeroy, and we start on the B-Train heading North…” (Announcer Nate Herman)

2:02Copy video clip URL What The El Intro w/ Judy Markey. “Here’s the premise, there is a train coming up behind me, we get on it and we look at people…so, what we’re going to do is talk to some people on the El and have them pick out someone and then we’re gonna see if we can figure out if their story is right or wrong and we might even get them to meet.”

2:40Copy video clip URL This week Shara, a model, guesses Rose’s age, occupation, family, and martial status. (She’s 58, in stocks and bonds, divorced with children.)

5:55Copy video clip URL Scenes from inside a Northbrook car wash.

6:50Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

8:23Copy video clip URL Palace Grill: Owner and chief cook, George Lemperis, introduces us to some of his customers, describes his work ethic, and lets us in on the secret ingredients in his hash brown seasoning.

13:14Copy video clip URL Fish Tales Intro.

13:38Copy video clip URL Fish Tales. Tom Carvalho, who just happens to be a chef, describes the health benefits of fish, with beer, of course.

14:59Copy video clip URL House-O-Matic Intro: “It’s me, Brigid Murphy, resident showgirl for Chicago Slices, and I’m here to take you around the city and outside the city to some of my favorite show people.”

15:28Copy video clip URL House-O-Matic: The dance group performs on the street at 61st and Marshfield and President Ronnie Sloan tells a bit about the history of the group.

18:04Copy video clip URL Archival black and white clip of African-Americans dancing.

18:22Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

19:22Copy video clip URL Kids pose and yell, “Live from Chicago…It’s Chicago Slices!”

19:56Copy video clip URL Jean Orme talks about her commute to the city through expressway construction.

20:15Copy video clip URL Kennedy Women Intro.

20:56Copy video clip URL Kennedy Women w/ Dr. Cheryl Pomeroy, a third year carpentry apprentice, demonstrates her skills with a hammer and compares her life as an academic (Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology) with her new job.

25:15Copy video clip URL Commercial hole.

26:15Copy video clip URL End credits w/ slo mo of Michael Jordan in Knicks playoff series. “Join us next week on Chicago Slices for another Kennedy Woman, Yogi the disc jockey taxi man, and Danny Bonaduce from WLUP and The Partridge Family.”



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