[Chicago Slices raw : Chicago Symphony Orchestra violinist + CVS marching band]

Raw footage shot for the TV program Chicago Slices. This tape includes an interview with Mihaela Ionescu-Ashkenasi, second violinist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Later, she performs a duet with videomaker Andrew Jones, who is also a trained violinist. Followed by footage of a marching band and dance group from Chicago Vocational High School performing in downtown Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Setting up for the segment.

01:10Copy video clip URL Mihaela Ionescu-Ashkenasi, second violinist  in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, talks about being in the second chair violin section. She compares her position to that of the first violin.

05:40Copy video clip URL Pulling out her violin, she talks about repairs she often needs to make.

09:00Copy video clip URL Ionescu-Ashkenasi tunes her violin and prepares to play a song while her friend Stewart accompanies her on the piano.

10:58Copy video clip URL The song begins.

12:36Copy video clip URL Another take of the previous song, then more violin playing.

24:00Copy video clip URL Ionescu-Ashkenasi performs a duet with videographer Andrew Jones, who gives his camera to Skip Blumberg.

32:00Copy video clip URL Ionescu-Ashkenasi answers some more questions about her interest in and experience with playing the violin.

35:40Copy video clip URL Ionescu-Ashkenasi plays another song.

38:35Copy video clip URL A new segment begins. A marching band and dance group from Chicago Vocational High School perform a synchronized routine in downtown Chicago. There are baton twirlers and flag spinners. They perform several songs. They later receive a giant $7,000 check from Kentucky Fried Chicken to enable the kids to perform in neighborhood parades.

53:17Copy video clip URL A woman explains the parameters of KFC’s donation.

53:55Copy video clip URL Rev. Ben Chambers from the Highway Church of God and Christ on West Van Buren talks about the importance of public schools.

55:00Copy video clip URL Jones interviews a woman holding a huge bouquet of flowers.

55:27Copy video clip URL Jones talks to a man feeding and holding dozens of pigeons.

1:02:41Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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