[Chicago Slices raw : robot builder Steve Craine]

Raw footage for the TV program Chicago Slices. This tape features: HMS Robot / Steve Craine.

00:00Copy video clip URL Steve Craine introduces himself and his helper Chris. They have built a robot together. Steve talks about building robots for science projects with his father. The robot is named Eniarc.

03:00Copy video clip URL Steve shows off Eniarc’s lifelike abilities, including speaking and moving its arms. He says his girlfriend is an electric can opener.

04:45Copy video clip URL Chris pushes a button on Eniarc’s back and he starts gliding around the room. Then he humorously answers more questions from the cameraman.

08:00Copy video clip URL Steve talks about playing in metal bands.

11:55Copy video clip URL Steve explains how the robot’s mouth movement works.

13:40Copy video clip URL An introduction to the segment: “I’m Steve Craine, and this is my story.”

16:40Copy video clip URL Steve talks about Eniarc being available for events (birthdays, etc.).

17:17Copy video clip URL Eniarc says, “Stay tuned to see me on Chicago Slices!”

18:48Copy video clip URL A shot of a poster for “Tobor the Great.”

20:13Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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