[Chicago Slices raw: Melissa Johnson]

MELISSA JOHNSON: 7 year old dancer/acrobat in Des Plaines performs for BRIGID MURPHY in her backyard.

00:00Copy video clip URL Shadow of the videographer on back yard lawn. Videographer comments it is July 21 [1993] and he is in Des Plaines about to witness some tumbling action.

00:15Copy video clip URL Melissa Johnson practices bending over backwards and picking up a cloth table napkin with her teeth as an adult supervises the trick.

00:23Copy video clip URL Johnson poses for camera and prepares to perform.

00:57Copy video clip URL Johnson performs an acrobatic tumbling routine to the song Dancing Mood from the Disney album Sebastian From The Little Mermaid.

02:55Copy video clip URL Brigid Murphy gives three takes introducing Melissa Johnson.

04:19Copy video clip URL Johnson enters and poses for camera.

04:31Copy video clip URL Murphy interviews Johnson who says she’s 7-years-old and has been dancing for 3 years. Her teacher is her aunt Cheryl. She likes dancing and has fun whether in a group or solo. She got started dancing from her mom’s encouragement.

06:04Copy video clip URL Murphy gives Johnson a penny to pitch into a nearby “wishing well” and continues the interview. Johnson says Ms. Terry made her costume and that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

07:07Copy video clip URL A hand inserts a cassette tape into a boom box and pushes the play button.

07:36Copy video clip URL Johnson is posed to perform and begins her act a second time for camera.

08:40Copy video clip URL The performance is interrupted. Johnson goes back into starting position and begins her routine again.

11:02Copy video clip URL Reaction shot of Murphy, two takes with and without sunglasses.

11:52Copy video clip URL Shot of a baby eating bread.

12:07Copy video clip URL Reaction shots of two women, one being Johnson’s coach, watching Johnson’s routine. The coach guides Johnson’s performance with hand signals.

14:39Copy video clip URL Johnson performs her routine again for camera.

16:03Copy video clip URL END



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