[Chicago Slices raw : Sally Station #3]

Raw footage shot for the series Chicago Slices. This tape features an interview with and performance by Sally Station, continued from two previous tapes.

00:00Copy video clip URL Sally Station prepares for the day’s filming, and tells a story about her brother and a street in France. Then she talks about various traveling she has done in her life.

09:30Copy video clip URL Station starts playing guitar and singing a song that she recently wrote. Then she talks about her songwriting process and how she almost always writes about love.

26:25Copy video clip URL Another song begins.

32:00Copy video clip URL Another original song by Station.

34:00Copy video clip URL Another song.

37:00Copy video clip URL Station switches guitars and continues playing and singing.

42:50Copy video clip URL Station sings in Spanish.

51:25Copy video clip URL Station shows Doug Sawyer, the videographer, some photos and documents from her travels.

59:23Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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