[Creative Concoctions Interviews]

Footage and interviews filmed at Creative Concoctions, a workshop and craft store affiliated with Chrysalis, an alternative high school in Chicago.

00:04Copy video clip URL High school students indoors. 

00:21Copy video clip URL The storefront of Creative Concoctions. Off-camera, the videomakers give each other directions on filming. 

01:19Copy video clip URL Inside the store, which displays handmade crafts. In a woodshop, people work on projects and sit around smoking and listening to music. 

04:08Copy video clip URL Young women working on projects in the woods. No audio. 

07:27Copy video clip URL The videomakers try to call the shop’s cat, Christopher, until he runs off. 

07:48Copy video clip URL Young women sitting at a table writing. Off camera, the videomakers discuss what to shoot next. A wall of hand-decorated t-shirts, including one that reds “Chrysalis.” More shots of Christopher. 

09:19Copy video clip URL Harold, a pet guinea pig, running around on the floor. A young woman plays with him. 

15:08Copy video clip URL A conversation between a teacher and a teen girl. He describes the plot of Black Like Me to her and they browse books for her to read. He describes Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and George Orwell’s Animal Farm to her.

19:46Copy video clip URL A conversation between two female students. Ellen, wearing giant sunglasses, talks about her decision to come to Chrysalis after being on the verge of dropping out from her previous school. Discussion of how coming to Chrysalis has changed her life for the better, including her relationships with her family. 

23:40Copy video clip URL Chrysalis helping with employment. Liking Chrysalis being women-only. Ellen’s volunteer work with the Children’s Zoo, for school credit. Her relationship with the animals and wanting to work with zoos for the rest of her life. 

27:37Copy video clip URL An interview with Peggy. Appreciating Chrysalis more than her previous schools. The school helping you to “learn about yourself.” 

30:17Copy video clip URL Plans for going to college. 



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