[Club LaRay Presents: The Anita Baker Show (February 2, 1987)]

Club LaRay presents a "Battle of the Stars" with host Anita Baker (impersonator) and co-host Tasha Thomas. This video documents the performances throughout the night by queen impersonators of popular soul and r&b singers and groups such as Gladys Knight, Grace Jones, and The [male] Emotions. Club LaRay was a Black, gay club in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, IL. The club was owned by Ray "LaRay" Hill. The club was housed in a former theatre consisting of two bars, a dancefloor, and a staircase that went from the floor to the ceiling, dubbed the "Stairs to Nowhere".

00:00Copy video clip URL Video begins, the camera focuses on the Club LaRay stage, where Larry Williams speaks. He announces that a performer named Anita Baker (impersonator) will be welcomed to the stage next and will host the night. Baker performs a lip-synching of the song “You Bring Me Joy”, Anita Baker. 

04:54Copy video clip URL Baker introduces co-host, Tasha Thomas (impersonator). Thomas comes to the stage, announcing that the night will be a battle of the stars. Williams comes onto the stage and performs to “The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage”, by the Miracles.

10:11Copy video clip URL Camera pans to the audience in the club and back to the stage where someone performs to “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect for You)”, by Grace Jones. 

17:00Copy video clip URL Sam Harris (impersonator) performs to “The Bells”, by The Originals. 

22:37Copy video clip URL Performer Diana Ross (impersonator) performs to a mash up of various songs by The Supremes. 

27:11Copy video clip URL Anita Baker (impersonator) performs to “Watch Your Step” 

32:07Copy video clip URL The Male Emotions performs to “Don’t Ask My Neighbors” by The Emotions

37:00Copy video clip URL Gladys Knight (impersonator) performs to “Save the Overtime (For Me)” by Gladys Knight and The Pips.

41:36Copy video clip URL Lady Belle as Millie Jackson (impersonator) performs to “All the Way Lover” by Millie Jackson. 

52:14Copy video clip URL Tasha Thomas (impersonator) performs, then welcomes Anita Baker back to the stage to perform.

57:37Copy video clip URL Baker performs to “No More Tears” by Anita Baker. 

1:03:54Copy video clip URL Larry Williams and another perform to “Count Your Blessings” by Ashford & Simpson

1:08:48Copy video clip URL Host Tasha Thomas speaks to the audience and introduces the next performer, Grace Jones (impersonator). 

1:11:24Copy video clip URL Grace Jones (impersonator) performs to “Pull Up To The Bumper” by Grace Jones. 

1:18:51Copy video clip URL Sam Harris (impersonator) performs to “Sugar Don’t Bite”.

1:23:01Copy video clip URL Diana Ross (impersonator) performs to “The Boss” by Diana Ross. 

1:30:00Copy video clip URL The Male Emotions perform to “I Don’t Wanna Loose Your Love” by The Emotions. 

1:34:07Copy video clip URL Gladys Knight (impersonator) performs to “I Will Survive/Free Again” by Gladys Knight. 

1:41:02Copy video clip URL Announcement that Ms. Millie Jackson (impersonator) is up next, Jackson takes the stage and performs to “Keep The Home Fire Burnin'” by Millie Jackson 

1:50:08Copy video clip URL Larry Williams calls Tasha Thomas (impersonator) to the stage, Thomas performs to “You Are My Friend” by Patti LaBelle.

1:55:02Copy video clip URL Larry Williams speaks to the audience. 

1:55:48Copy video clip URL Anita Baker (impersonator) closes out the night with a performance to “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker.

2:00:08Copy video clip URL Host Anita Baker (impersonator) thanks the crowd for being there and brings each performer to the stage. 

2:01:44Copy video clip URL Ray “LaRay” Hill takes the mic and thanks guests for coming to the show, camera pans out to the crowd. Ray closes saying “Michael, let’s party” Music plays and camera highlights people in the crowd. 

2:05:44Copy video clip URL Club goers dance while “Touch and Go” by Ecstasy, Passion & Pain.

2:07:03Copy video clip URL Video ends





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