[Dangers of silicone breast implants]

This news segment reports on the possible dangers of silicone gel breast implants. Many women insist that the implants caused their health problems, while others, including plastic surgeons, insist that the benefits outweigh the risks.

0:12Copy video clip URL A woman in Chicago is shown getting breast augmentation surgery. Almost three quarters of breast augmentation surgery is cosmetic, and the other quarter is done for medical reasons. Elizabeth Brackett speaks to Melanie Croft, who received silicone gel breast implants three years prior, and then began having severe health problems. She became concerned that the implants had caused her problems, and she had them removed. She believes the implants should be taken off the market, or that women should at least be warned about the possible side effects.

2:40Copy video clip URL Ann Marcoux is the founder of Y-Me, a hotline for breast cancer patients. She said that breast implants following a double mastectomy greatly improved her quality of life. She believes a lack of silicone breast implants will discourage women from getting mastectomies.

4:39Copy video clip URL Many women who have gotten sick after surgery believe it was due to leaking silicone. However, plastic surgeon Dr. David Ross says that is inaccurate. Plastic surgeons who use these implants insist that the benefits far outweigh the risks. The following day, the FDA advisory panel is scheduled to announce its recommendation on their use.

6:41Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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