[El Rukn Raids]

News report about police raids on the El Rukn gang.

00:21Copy video clip URL The camera opens to a shot of Channel 5 newscaster Ron Magers. Magers speaks about police raids on El Rukn buildings, with three members of the El Rukn street gang facing criminal charges. 

00:28Copy video clip URL Camera shifts to map of Chicago indicating the intersections where arrests took place. 

00:38Copy video clip URL Newscaster passes the story to Carol Marin, who was present at raids to provide reporting. 

00:40Copy video clip URL Marin speaks about the raid, mentioning that military weapons and narcotics were confiscated. 

00:58Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of raid at both “The Fort” on Drexel and an apartment building on Kenwood. FBI agents forcing entry into building. 

01:31Copy video clip URL Footage of those arrested, including ‘Generals’ Alan Knox and Trammel Davis.

02:00Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of U.S. attorney Anton Valukas delivering arrest details and nature of the military-grade weaponry found.  

02:58Copy video clip URL Newscaster Carol Marin speaks about new concerns that the El Rukn street gang may be connected to international terrorist organizations. 

03:20Copy video clip URL Marin’s report continues as voice over to footage of the raid and El Rukn members. Marin speaks about sources confirming that El Rukn have forged contact with radical muslim groups in the Middle East, including Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.   

04:10 U.S. attorney Anton Valukas speaks about the nature of the arrests. 

4:30Copy video clip URL Carol Marin stands outside of El Rukn headquarters, “The Fort.” Marin speaks about the recent change to the El Rukn building’s masthead that now includes, “Sunni Muslim.” Marin states that El Rukn leaders are arguing that they have always been a religious organization, not a gang.

4:48Copy video clip URL Carol Marin continues to speak on the El Rukn connection to Muammar Gaddafi and international terrorism. 

5:58Copy video clip URL Cut to newscaster Ron Magers. 

6:15Copy video clip URL Carol  Marin speaks about the continued El Rukn investigation and study of El Rukn leader, Jeff Fort, who is facing new racketeering charges for continuing to run El Rukn’s criminal activity from Austin, TX where Fort is currently imprisoned. 

7:36Copy video clip URL Interview footage from December 1984 showing Rico Crenshaw, El Rukn spokesman, speaking about the religious nature of the El Rukn organization, and denying any relation to gang activity.

8:15Copy video clip URL Carol Marin and Ron Magers discuss the current facts of the investigation. 

8:42Copy video clip URL Cut to a different Channel 5 broadcast. The newscaster passes the story to Carol Marin, who speaks of new specifics on El Rukn travel and what they planned to do for the Gaddafi government in exchange for money.   

10:44Copy video clip URL Tape ends.


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  1. jess says:

    This footage is from August 1986.

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