[Election night 1980]

Election night 1980 news coverage taped off-air. Most of the coverage focuses on the Ronald Reagan's apparent victory in the presidential election. Includes part of President Jimmy Carter's concession speech. Part of the materials for the making of "Rostenkowski."

00:15Copy video clip URL Shot of an election board displaying the states won by Reagan (blue) and Carter (red). A Tom Brokaw and a fellow news anchor report that Ronald Reagan is the new President elect. The two discuss what this win for Reagan means.

02:11Copy video clip URL Cut to Bill Curtis and Walter Jacobson discussing the election night events taking place. The channels change back and forth between CBS, ABC, and NBC news coverage on both the Presidential and local Chicago elections. This continues for several minutes.

06:26Copy video clip URL Cut to Jimmy Carter’s concession speech. Throughout his speech, Carter has a very somber, melancholy disposition. “The people of the United States have made their choice, and of course I accept that decision, but I have to admit not with the same enthusiasm that I accepted the decision four years ago. I might say I have a deep appreciation of a system however that lets people make the free choice about who will lead them for the next four years.” Throughout the duration of Carter’s speech, the person who is recording the tape keeps flipping between different channels, almost creating a collage like representation of Carter’s concession. Carter goes on to congratulate Reagan for his victory and reads aloud a telegram he plans to send Reagan in the near future. He then goes on to talk of his four years in office and the challenges that lie ahead in the coming decade. “I have been blessed as only a few people ever have to help shape the destiny of this nation. In that effort, I’ve had your faithful support.” Carter then very eloquently states, “This has been a long and hard fought campaign as you well know, but we must now come together as a united and a unified people to solve the problems that are still before us, to meet the challenges of a new decade, and I urge you to join in with me, in a sincere and fruitful effort to support my successor when he undertakes this great responsibility as President of the greatest nation on earth.” Carter finishes his speech with an old Yiddish proverb that states, “God gives burdens, also shoulders.” Carter continues, “In all the days and months when I have served you and served this country, you’ve readily given me your shoulders, your faith, and your prayers. No man could ask any more of his friends. I wanted to serve as President because I love this country and because I love the people of this nation.” Before Carter can finish, a person from the crowd screams out, “And we love you!”

12:17Copy video clip URL Cut to an advisory for Monty Python And The Holy Grail. The person recording the video then begins to switch between news coverage once again. It seems to be CBS coverage on various Illinois district winners, including Dan Rostenkowski, who won eighty-seven percent of the vote in the eighth congressional district.

13:17Copy video clip URL Chicago news anchor Bill Kurtis can hardly contain his laughter as he gives the voting results for the 8th congressional district (Rostenkowski’s district). Rostenkowski has 87% of the vote.

14:32Copy video clip URL Rostenkowski is interviewed by Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson. He is discussing the “wave of conservatism” that is expected to come with Reagan’s victory. He predicts that Reagan will have to move his political agenda from the far right to the center in order work effectively with Congress. The interview is cut off because the tape ends abruptly.

17:25Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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