[Father Francis]

Footage of a Catholic mass delivered by Father Francis, who is celebrated his 57th year as a bishop.

00:19Copy video clip URL A Catholic mass. Shots of a priest and of the ornaments on the altar. The congregation sings a hymn.

06:00Copy video clip URL More hymns.

09:41Copy video clip URL The priest conducts a prayer, with sung responses from the congregation.

15:29Copy video clip URL Another hymn. The priest walks around the altar with incense.

19:36Copy video clip URL The priest leads a call and response and more prayers. 

21:55Copy video clip URL The Lord’s Prayer, followed by communion.

27:19Copy video clip URL Another prayer and blessing, followed by the final hymn. The priest thanks the congregation for joining him in celebrating his 57th year as a bishop. 

31:28Copy video clip URL Images outside of the church. Followed by credits: “video tapes by tobe j. carey.” 



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