Freeze Frame: You Can Do It!

Episode of "Freeze Frame" titled "You Can Do It." Sponsored by the Illinois Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign.

00:53Copy video clip URL Opening sequence.

01:44Copy video clip URL Intro from host Betsey Means, who highlights Chicago as the only city with a Peace Museum and the largest Nuclear-Free Zone.

02:18Copy video clip URL Interview with Ron Fruend of “Clergy and Laity Concerned” who speaks about the Chicago City Ordinance to make Chicago a nuclear-free zone.

02:45Copy video clip URL Mayor Harold Washington speaks to the crowd at the event.

03:33Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel speaks about Einstein, the nuclear age, and peace. He is followed by David Orr, who was then a Chicago alderman. This is followed by interviews with Studs Terkel and Suzanne Sklar of Greenpeace.

05:44Copy video clip URL Interview with Andy Coulter, Assistant Curator of the Peace Museum and footage of the museum. He highlights some of the exhibits on display at the museum and some of the extraordinary works that started with grassroots ideas and actions.

08:50Copy video clip URL Cut back to Means, who introduces the next piece, which is an interview with Paulette Finnegan of the Illinois Nuclear Weapons Freeze campaign. She describes how she got involved in the movement and some of the activities she’s participated in as part of the campaign, including working statewide and traveling to Washington, D.C.

14:06Copy video clip URL Betsey Means introduces the next piece, entitled “Garden of Peace.” It highlights the creation and opening of the Peace Garden on Lakeshore Drive and Montrose in Chicago.

22:10Copy video clip URL Intro to next piece on activism, featuring Women for Peace, and one of its founding members. She explains how this movement has helped create a partial test-ban treaty and the hope of ending the nuclear arms race.

24:25Copy video clip URL Freeze Frame Bulletin Board.

26:42Copy video clip URL Closing credits.


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  1. Bill and Cele Arnold says:

    Great memories of the anti-nuclear movement. We were involved with North Shore Peace Initiative and partnered with SANE/Freeze Illinois to march, demonstrate, petition and otherwise educate concerning the danger and idiocy of the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
    Of course this is still an issue today which in some ways is even worse than in the ’80s given the instability and utter ignorance/incompetence of our present commander-in-chief, trump.

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