Image Union, episode 321

An episode of the independent film and video showcase, Image Union, featuring Blue Monday by Spike Jones and Michael Prussian. Mark Naftalin (piano) and his band perform a jazz concert. Charles Houff, Dr. Wild Willie Moore and Frankie Lee are guest stars.

00:33Copy video clip URL Slate: “Image Union NO. 321”

1:16Copy video clip URL Image Union opening sequence. 

1:58Copy video clip URL “Mark Naftalin’s Blue Monday Party.” Naftalin playing piano. He introduces the show.

3:00Copy video clip URL Jazz concert performed by Naftalin and his band.

6:27Copy video clip URL Naftalin talks about how the Blue Monday Parties came about with Lee Hildebrand.

7:50Copy video clip URL Radio announcement. Saxophone performance with the Blue Monday band.

14:34Copy video clip URL Naftalin speaks about becoming a professional musician. Naftalin playing. The band plays again.

20:33Copy video clip URL Naftalin speaks about his band’s lead singer. Footage of him singing and the band performing.

29:27Copy video clip URL Image Union closing. Credits.

30:28Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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