Image Union, episode 0409

Two part Image Union episode featuring "The Sadness of a Cleaning Woman at Midnight" by Deborah Scholinski and Milo Yelesiyevich and "Time" by Daryl Moore.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:06Copy video clip URL “The Sadness Of A Cleaning Woman At Midnight” by Deborah Scholinski and Milo Yelesiyevich. Black and white film. Images from a lonely night. Particularly nice are scenes on the “El” and of Chicago at night. The bulk of the film is a conversation between the woman and a cab driver. The combination of bad synch and the woman’s accent make the dialogue hard to understand.

19:35Copy video clip URL “Time” by Daryl Moore. Color experimental film.

24:35Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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