Image Union, episode 0419

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring work by Jeff Lint and the Chicago Filmmakers. Segments include "Duck," "Imperialist Overture," "Flowchart," and "Defense for Atomic Attack."

00:00Copy video clip URL Image union opening.

00:50Copy video clip URL “Duck.” No credits. B&W film. Shots of various ducks on a lake are intercut with shots of (presumably) duck hunters.

03:05Copy video clip URL “Imperialist Overture” by Jeff Lint. Color film. A humorous short that uses a series of songs to tell the story of an evil corporation that moves into a third-world country, and installs a dictator in order to exploit the country’s natural resources and cheap labor.

13:31Copy video clip URL “Flowchart.” No credits. Color video. An experimental film that uses bloopers and sensational clips from news broadcasts to comment on TV news coverage.

19:26Copy video clip URL “Defense for Atomic Attack” courtesy of Chicago Filmmakers. Color film. A frightening 1950’s defense film that teaches the U.S. populace how to survive an atomic attack.

27:43Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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