Image union, episode 0520

Image Union episode #520. Featuring "Hon-Knee-Moon in Lower Manhattan" by David Robinson, "Delivery Man" by Emily Hubley, "Dirt" by Mike Connor and "Time's T-Bone" by John J. McClintock.

00:24Copy video clip URL Image Union opening credits.

01:07Copy video clip URL “Hon-Knee-Moon” in Lower Manhattan. A pair of knees with painted faces travel around Lower Manhattan in this creative short. Black and White.

06:49Copy video clip URL “Delivery Man” by Emily Hubley. Animated short about a women going in for heart surgery.

14:12Copy video clip URL “Dirt” by Mike Connor. Artistic piece depicting a man who turns into a clay figure and complains as he lives his life at home alone. Black and White.

20:32Copy video clip URL “Time’s T-Bone” by John J. McClintock. Poetic piece with a combination of humans and cardboard cutouts sitting in an abandoned car.

22:06Copy video clip URL Image Union credits.

23:27Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Erick Rosales says:

    ending voice-over by Marty Robinson

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