Image Union, episode 617

0:00 Image Union opening.

00:53Copy video clip URL “Animus” by Gary Schwartz. Color animation.

05:43Copy video clip URL “Get Ready to March” by Chip Lord. Color video. Footage of President Reagan watching a parade set to parade music. A title card informs us that Reagan cut NEA funding while raising funding for military bands.

07:07Copy video clip URL “Between Earth and Sky” by Mark Stanley. Color video. A lyrical piece shot on a carnival ride.

11:05Copy video clip URL “Melodies of Love” by City Video Productions and Shy-Bracke Records. Music video for a R&B act.

14:31Copy video clip URL “I Can’t Believe” by Michael Markowski. Color video. A music video featuring footage from The Good Friday “Way of The Cross” procession in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

17:42Copy video clip URL “3-1-0-3” by Alex Halkin. Color video. A short experimental piece examining self-image and sexuality.

21:15Copy video clip URL “Easy Street” by Chip Lord and Mickey McGowen. Color video. An animated short using miniatures and found/existing audio clips.

27:33Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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