Image Union, episode 0728

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring the work of more than seven artists: Maria Weidmann and Champ Clark, Paul Leaf, Alan Baranowski, Lisa Fremont, and Eli Noyes. Also on the videotape are two music videos for The Cleaning Ladys and Babie Brother.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

00:56Copy video clip URL “Tales of the Lone Volunteer” by Maria Weidmann and Champ Clark. B&W film. A sci-fi comedy about an alien that comes to earth to save the planet from The Evil Dr. Sfinks.

04:37Copy video clip URL “Bach to Bach” by Paul Leaf. Color film. A man and a woman talk offscreen while the camera surveys an apartment. Bach provides the soundtrack. Filmmakers Mike Nichols and Elaine May are the voices of the man and woman.

10:30Copy video clip URL “Morning Mirror” by Alan Baranowski. Color video. A comedic short in which a man receives an instant makeover.

12:14Copy video clip URL “She Won’t French Kiss” by The Cleaning Ladys. Color video. A music video for the jokey Cleaning Ladys.

15:36Copy video clip URL “The Lost Eyedea” by Lisa Fremont. Color animation. Short computer animation.

16:41Copy video clip URL “Trance” by Babie Brother. Color video. A music video for the band Babie Brother. Features a great, funky 80’s groove and breakdancing.

22:00Copy video clip URL “Bad Dog” by Eli Noyes. Color film. A comedic short in which the subjective camera views life from a dog’s point of view.

27:00Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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