Image Union, episode 0420: Pandemonium

Episode of Image Union featuring the work "Pandemonium" by Frank Garvey. Color video. An eerie experimental short set in the decaying industrial ruins of Chicago.

00:12Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

00:59Copy video clip URL “Pandemonium” by Frank Garvey. Color video. An eerie experimental short set in the decaying industrial ruins of Chicago.

1:15Copy video clip URL Open to a lone man (interpretive) dancing amid ruin. The video is sepia toned.

2:20Copy video clip URL Various shots of atomic blasts.

2:31Copy video clip URL Brief images of toga-clad people wrestling.

3:14Copy video clip URL Long shots of Chicago streets, post-apocalypse.

3:49Copy video clip URL Klaxon sounds juxtaposed with images of people in despair, including a bearded man in bed with blue material covering his teeth.

4:41Copy video clip URL Same man walks down his steps about to go outside. He is on a bus and a shirtless man whispers into his ear: “Dante was wrong about the right people in hell. It’s the poor who go to hell on earth.” Various cursory shots of machines and people walking.

7:06Copy video clip URL Bearded man at work: “I’d like to figure out a way to cut in with dance music when them sirens go off.”

8:20Copy video clip URL Man returns home to find a woman crouched and covered completely with white cloth. Her face shows. They whisper to each other; talk to each other about the nuclear holocaust.

9:47Copy video clip URL The man finds a skeleton (horse or cattle head) outside and brings it back up into his apartment. A small camera traces the inner-contours of the skeleton.

11:30Copy video clip URL Fade to the white-clothed woman. She is moaning and contorting her body. There are two very small images of her superimposed on the video.

12:51Copy video clip URL The man faces the skeleton–its teeth are juxtaposed with an industrial sized blade.

13:14Copy video clip URL Over a shot of the bus the bearded man says: “It looks like a big load of Wonderbread.” He rides the bus and mumbles to himself, does tai chi, and then is spoken to by the other person on the bus who had discussed Dante earlier.

15:46Copy video clip URL Bearded man buys speakers from a dollar store. He stares into the skeleton, more images of atomic blasts, and distorted (contorted) human figures.

17:43Copy video clip URL Man gets back on the bus and is yelled at by the other man by the bus.

19:25Copy video clip URL He arrives at work–his teeth are juxtaposed with images of the slicer. He moves in slow motion, angry, and leaves work to dance in an empty lot as the klaxon sounds. He yells and explores the trash. He finds the mummified carcass of a dog and makes hushed howling sounds.

23:00Copy video clip URL He is underground, running. Images contorted, dancing human figures flash as he runs. The man is then alone and laughing on the ground. A woman’s hand reaches for his shoulder.

24:31Copy video clip URL He is woken up by the klaxon sounding.

24:21Copy video clip URL Narrator: “A man who wrote his name in dust…the enveloping of the embryo by the womb, the enveloping of the womb by the pelvis…all over the world the mushrooms blossomed…the human heads turned to stare as their eyeballs melted from their faces like tears and tasted bitter.” Narrator continues about a sword¬† battle between white and gray. Images of ruin, machines, distorted human figures, and atomic blasts.

28:29Copy video clip URL End of film.

28:41Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.



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