[Joe Cummings Wednesday night #2]

Raw tape from the 1978 documentary "Overnight Man," which follows WBBM/Chicago radio news man Joe Cummings. Mostly outdoor (i.e. black) b-roll, although there is an interesting segment with the camera following Cummings into the Cook County Hospital and getting kicked out. Good footage of Chicago police in the 70's, when the detectives still looked like they came straight out of a film noir. Also includes a shot of Miller's Pub at night.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins; shot from the front seat of a moving car at night. Not much can be seen except for car lights. Joe Cummings’ voice can be heard, talking about how the alley behind Cook County Hospital is sometimes called “the bloodiest alley in Chicago.”

00:48Copy video clip URL Cummings and Weinberg are outside. It’s difficult to know exactly where they are. They walk; most dialogue is difficult to hear. They seem to be outside Cook County Hospital. They walk inside the hospital: Weinberg is following Cummings, filming him.

02:17Copy video clip URL Cummings and Weinberg enter the Adult Emergency Registration room. Other newsmen and police officers are standing around. Cummings circulates the room, trying to get information from people. They don’t seem interested in speaking in front of a camera.

04:40Copy video clip URL An officer finally comes over to Weinberg and asks him if he has authorization, because it’s “forbidden” to shoot in the hospital.

05:13Copy video clip URL Back outside. The camera shoots from right outside the hospital; people in the room Weinberg just exited can be seen. Footage then switches to maybe an alleyway outside the hospital? Cummings is talking to people clustered in it. Very difficult to make out, or hear exactly what is being said.

07:05Copy video clip URL Cummings is back in the Adult Emergency Registration room, while Weinberg shoots him from a window outside.

08:32Copy video clip URL Cummings comes back outside. He and Weinberg start walking, bantering about nothing in particular. They and the engineer get into a car. Cummings drives. Around

11:15Copy video clip URL the film becomes easier to view. The banter continues over a radio.

13:00Copy video clip URL Cummings and Weinberg discuss food; Cummings speaks on his radio to WBBM.

13:59Copy video clip URL Cummings says he got information at the hospital but declines to share it, but does a little about police investigating a shooting in the 15th district by looking for gunshot victims at the hospital. The story evolves back into banter and where they should go eat, including how Cummings dated the footage by mentioning Christmas.

21:30Copy video clip URL Footage of people walking across a floor, then of a party inside a restaurant, then back outside. No clip is very long and hardly any audio; but they are outside (probably inside) Miller’s Pub.

22:43Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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