[Club LaRay Talent Show (December 30, 1986)]

A talent show and drag competition at Chicago gay club Club LaRay, as well as footage of the dance floor.

00:01Copy video clip URL The video begins in the middle of a performance, to the song “Hot On Your Trail” by Olivier Desmet & Oriental Funk Stew. The performer plays a trombone along with the song. Some video distortion.

07:00Copy video clip URL Another performance joined in the middle, to a version of “The Way He Makes Me Feel.” 

10:20Copy video clip URL A performance from the Cotton Club Revue of “It’s All Over” from the musical Dreamgirls, acting out the scene with a four-person cast, leading into the song. Video distortion continues. 

18:28Copy video clip URL A performance of Jean Carne’s “Everything Must Change.” 

24:09Copy video clip URL A performance by Octavia to Regina Belle’s “After the Love Has Lost Its Shine.” Dwayne, a co-host, tallies the judges’ assessments at the conclusion. 

28:48Copy video clip URL A performance of Jellybean’s “The Real Thing.” Substantial distortion, including loss of sound and image. 

31:50Copy video clip URL Dwayne introduces Poison, who performs to Carolyn Harding’s “Memories.”

38:15Copy video clip URL A performance of Carl Anderson’s “Cant Stop This Feeling.” 

42:05Copy video clip URL Host Tasha Thomas introduces club owner LaRay Hill and his lover Ronnie and then brings out the evening’s contestants and co-host Larry Williams. 

45:18Copy video clip URL LaRay announces the winners, including first place winner Katie. He previews the New Year’s Party and then Ronnie tells Michael, the DJ, to start the music. 

47:12Copy video clip URL The DJ starts the dance by playing Aretha Franklin’s “Rock-A-Lott.” Footage of the bar and the crowd, including LaRay and Ronnie dancing. 

53:45Copy video clip URL The DJ plays Miles Maeda’s “Make Some Love.” 

63:44Copy video clip URL Cut to a host introducing Marcel, who performs “She’s Got Papers on Me” by Richard “Dimples” Fields. He’s joined by another performer to deliver the song’s bridge monologue. 

70:50Copy video clip URL Jazzy James performs to Marvin Gaye’s “Distant Lover.” Significant distortion.

75:02Copy video clip URL Another performance.



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