[Log Rolling Contest in Ketchican, Alaska]

Footage of a log rolling contest and of the area surrounding Ketchican.

00:16Copy video clip URL Filming from inside the car, diving through the streets of an Alaska town. 

01:26Copy video clip URL A log rolling competition. A man walks back and forth on a log in water until he falls. The crowd cheers on the contestants. 

04:57Copy video clip URL One competitor stays on the log long enough to dismount onto the sidelines, then he does it again. An impressive long third attempt. 

06:23Copy video clip URL A break in the competition. People floating in the water in tubs. 

06:50Copy video clip URL Filming from the car on a rural Alaskan road. 

08:17Copy video clip URL Big clouds of smoke coming from the Ketchican Pulp Company factory. 

10:25Copy video clip URL End of video, followed by static. 



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