[Making It In Hollywood raw #60]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. Interview with actor Julius Harris (1923-2004) in someone's home about typecasting and failed actors.

00:00Copy video clip URL Actor Julius Harris is interviewed about being typecast: casting directors casting actors by the way they look, rather than by how talented they are. He says that people from “Roots” wanted to audition him “if he reads.” Director Frank Cavestani tells an anecdote about someone who auditioned for him, and Harris continues to be angry about people being hired for their image.

06:30Copy video clip URL Cavestani talks about how Sally Kirkland was considered an avant-garde actress when she was living in New York, but when she moved to Los Angeles, she became too self-protective. “She’s trying to control it.” Harris says that she came out here “as a body” and that reputation will always stick with her.

09:45Copy video clip URL Harris talks about young actors who must “sell their souls and their bodies.”

12:07Copy video clip URL Harris is asked about the psychology of acting, and mixing the self and the character. He says the parts he plays do not bleed over into his life.

14:47Copy video clip URL Cavestani calls failed actors “sacrificial lambs” to help other actors. Harris says that “we all, somewhere along the line, want to create a fact, as truthful as possible.”

17:59Copy video clip URL Cavestani gives an extended philosophical monologue about the importance of actors in keeping the population sane. “The good stuff really lets us into ourselves.” Then, Cavestani reads a poem for the camera about acting.

22:27Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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