Mark The Bird Fidrych #3

Raw interview footage with Mark--the Bird--Fidrych, former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, for the TNT special Once a Star.

00:03Copy video clip URL Color bars and audio of production introducing segment. They’re with Fidrych on his farm in Northborough, MA. They discuss changing locations to show what Fidrych is up to today.

1:00- Footage of Fidych driving his car around his lot.

1:30- Cut to Fidrych parking his car outside of Memorial Field in Northborough, his first baseball diamond.

2:42- “This is where the big guys play.” He reminisces about playing in Little League and admiring the older kids in the Babe Ruth League, in addition to how weird it was talking to the teams at a banquet on the field.

6:46- Weinberg asks Fidrych whether he played baseball all the time or was a natural talent. Fidrych talks about making the trek to his first minor league practice in Florida and being signed as a pitcher.

10:17- Fidrych’s father talks about his son’s batting ability and watching his talent early on.

11:42- Father tells him that, knowing that Fidrych wasn’t going to college,  “There was money to be made in sports.”

12:00Copy video clip URL Dropped frames

18:50- End of tape.



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