Namibian Independence, 1990

Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection.

0:00Copy video clip URL The official flag-lowering ceremony of the South African flag upon Namibia’s independence in 1990.

0:18Copy video clip URL An interview with Rev. Peter Lamoela of the Congregational Churches of Southern Africa. “I prayed for this for fifty years, and God answered my prayer. And when that flag came down, bit by bit, it was my greatest moment in life, because there apartheid was dying. It was a bit sad to me, too. Because it was the only flag I knew… But when the new flag came… it was the experience of a lifetime.” He says that one of the highlights of the celebration was the arrival of the guests, including many distinguished world leaders. “I was rather glad America didn’t send George Bush. That would have been a low point in my experience. And I have reasons for that. Because the very George Bush who is supposed to be the one now claiming to fight [for] democracy is giving people guns to kill our people. And I want to say this. And I need to emphasize this. He is giving a whole lot of bandits sophisticated ammunition to fight us. Now, please. I’m thankful he didn’t come.”

1:55Copy video clip URL Driving with Lamoela in a car. “The world has made my people a whole lot of beggars.” He describes his disgust to see schoolchildren in his country paraded out and told to put on sad faces for photographs to send out to the world to beg for money. “And I fear the day when the funding agencies are gone. We won’t know where to go and beg.”

3:18Copy video clip URL A joyful band of musicians leads celebration of independence in front of a crowd of thousands.



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