[Interviews about flooding in Newcomb, TN 2]

A brief interview with residents of Newcomb, TN, where strip mining has left their community vulnerable to dangerous flooding every time it rains.

00:17Copy video clip URL Shots of a flooded field. The voiceover discusses the devastation in East Tennessee caused by the floods in May 1973, focusing on Newcomb: “But in Newcomb there don’t have to be general flood conditions to set people to putting up their furniture and moving out of their homes. All it takes is a day or two of hard rains. On November 26th and 27th of this past year, it rained hard again.”

01:22Copy video clip URL Interviews with Newcomb residents discussing the flood damage caused by two days of rain. Strip mining, they explain, “changed the water route,” funneling water through the hills onto their community any time it rains. “Every time it rains, it’s on all of us. Everybody.” The constant fear of flooding any time that it rains. 

04:02Copy video clip URL Bluegrass musicians play in a parking lot. Distortion as the video switches between flood-related footage and footage of bluegrass musicians. 

05:22Copy video clip URL End of video. 



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