[Interviews about flooding in Newcomb, TN 1]

Footage taken in Newcomb, TN surveying the damage caused by strip mining, which has created conditions for frequent flooding.

00:05Copy video clip URL A rural road. A building with the letters “WJJT” is visible in the distance. 

01:47Copy video clip URL The camera pans across a pond or small lake, zooms in and out. 

03:38Copy video clip URL Footage of the road and pond continue. A sign reading “Newcomb” is visible. 

05:14Copy video clip URL A resident talks about the recent flooding problems that have afflicted his home. He shows where the water has reached on his walls. Footage around his home and the surrounding area. 

07:10Copy video clip URL Elderly women discuss the “strip pit” and the effects of strip mining to their homes.

08:15Copy video clip URL The residents discuss the flash flooding and the recent creation of the flooding problem by the coal company’s strip mining. Having to worry about flooding every time it rains. 

11:15Copy video clip URL The flooding being cause by strip mining. Never having flooding problems before the area was stripped. Discussion of Winfield Dunn, governor of Tennessee, who came to Newcomb after the flood and “claimed he didn’t see nothing but some water puddles in the road.” 

13:05Copy video clip URL The redirection of the water going down the hills because of new building and mining. 

13:40Copy video clip URL Footage taken from the car, as a resident points out the extent of recent flooding. Discussion of the flooding and the flow of water, the damage to the landscape caused by strip mining and the resulting flooding. 

21:58Copy video clip URL Shots of the damage caused by flooding to a field. 

25:33Copy video clip URL Discussion of the damage in the field and back in the car. Pointing out various properties and homes, including stretches owned by Howard Hensley. Shots of coal mining operations as they pass by. The driver points out areas that have been strip mined. 



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