[Coal miner interview]

An interview with a former coal miner. Some distortion throughout.

00:09Copy video clip URL Footage of a highway. Significant video distortion. Camera set-up. 

04:40Copy video clip URL Rural footage, with large piles of dirt created by strip mining. Coal company trucks and facilities. 

06:14Copy video clip URL Footage from local news from May 30, 1974 about Shemco Coal Company’s illegal practice of “layering” coal, by which the company overcharges by placing a layer of high quality coal – the layer that sets the price for the truck – on top of much lower quality coal that makes up the vast majority of the delivery. 

08:13Copy video clip URL A rural home. Shooting from inside out of the window. Camera set-up.

09:50Copy video clip URL An elderly man sits on his porch swing. He discusses working for the coal company, focusing on pay and on his coworkers. Difficult to hear him at times. 

24:00Copy video clip URL He discusses health problems, including black lung. 

27:15Copy video clip URL The coal company cutting wages without cutting the price of coal for consumers. His pay scale over the years. 



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