Newshour: Alsammarae profile

Aiham Alsammarae discusses his job as the Minister of Electricity in Iraq and what it means for the country. He also shares the numerous difficulties and safety issues he faces while working in Iraq.

0:10Copy video clip URL Opens with a shot of Aiham Alsammarae, the Minister of Electricity in Iraq, sitting down to eat lunch. Alsammarae talks about how his body guards hinder his daily life. Elizabeth Brackett does a brief voice-over introduction detailing Alsammarae’s past year and work on the electrical system in Baghdad.

0:54Copy video clip URL Alsammarae talks about the difficulties of his job, and his concerns about safety. Brackett gives more information about the current state of electricity in Iraq.

2:09Copy video clip URL Alsammarae shares more about safety issues in Baghdad, and insurgents targeting electrical plants. “I am working in hell.” If terrorists knock down a transmission line Alsammarae cannot send workers to fix it without police or else the workers come under fire. He keeps losing workers due to dangerous working conditions.

3:15Copy video clip URL Even after an attack on Alsammarae’s home in Iraq, he still plans to stay until January elections. “I am there; nobody will run me. Especially the terrorists. No way.” Alsammarae continues to talk about his plans in the face of growing violence, and how they affect his family.

4:42Copy video clip URL Brackett talks about the consequences for Alsammarae’s consulting firm in America due to his work in Iraq. Alsammarae admits that his firm is “not doing well, to be frank.” His absence has caused layoffs and a loss of clients.

5:27Copy video clip URL Brackett talks to Assad Ali, a nuclear physicist and one of Alsammarae’s former employees. He talks about his plans to return to Iraq. “I feel guilty not to take my part in rebuilding Iraq.”

6:17Copy video clip URL Alsammarae discusses the responsibility on his shoulders, and progress’ dependence on better security. “We have to deliver a secure country to the elected government. We have to.”

7:05Copy video clip URL Segment talks about Alsammarae’s trip to Washington D.C. and a recent suicide bombing that killed three more of his employees. “Part of the campaign they are doing is to destroy the country and make chaos… [but we will] keep fighting until we succeed.”

8:15Copy video clip URL End.



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