[None of the Above raw #22]

Raw footage for the documentary "None of the Above," a documentary about non-voters during the 1996 presidential election. This tape features footage from the 1996 Republican National Convention in San Diego, CA.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with footage from outside the Republican National Convention. A crowd chants “We Back Jack!” while carrying posters of the Jack-in-the-Box mascot. A man in the crowd explains that they support Jack-in-the-Box, not Jack Kemp; a woman says that they are just having fun, and not making a statement about the Convention.

02:33Copy video clip URL A man wearing a “Ditch the Bitch” t-shirt (in “honor” of Hillary Clinton) attests that Elizabeth Dole “is a great gal, an all-American woman.”

03:39Copy video clip URL Cut to the inside of the convention where opening ceremonies are currently taking place. The volume fluctuates throughout the video.

12:35Copy video clip URL Various speakers take the stage and try to make their case for electing Bob Dole as president.

13:55Copy video clip URL Videomaker Bill Stamets briefly interviews a balloon maker who has been working at the convention. The balloon entertainer talks about the legitimacy of his work.

14:15Copy video clip URL ¬†Stamets meets with a professional clown working the convention floor, then with a man in a bumble bee suit trying to get America to “think flowers in ’96.” He hopes that by doing so, the mental state of the country will become slightly happier. “These Republicans are nice folks–I think they get a bad rap sometimes,” he says.

17:55Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from a Gay and Lesbian Equal Rights rally. Clinton supporters gather with Human Rights Campaign and LGBT posters and slogans. A man holds up a blood soaked sign that reads “The GOP Kills Elephants and People.”

21:22Copy video clip URL A panel of journalists addresses the crowd at an Alternative Media Center workshop, sponsored by an advocacy newspaper in San Diego. In light of the Republican Convention, the panelists focus on the lack of substantive debate in the media and the influence of “big money” on politics. Founder of the first Alternative Press Newspaper and cofounder of the Alternative Press Syndicate Art Kunkin is one of the speakers.

32:19Copy video clip URL “We are winning these social grassroots civil rights movements. We’re winning them through the alternative press. We are revolutionizing this society…the next big battle ahead is about the money.”

36:33Copy video clip URL Cut back to the Convention. Governor George W. Bush introduces several performers.

46:54Copy video clip URL Footage of Pat Buchanan talking to reporters on the sidelines, including a Fox News reporter who asks him about the strengths and weaknesses of Jack Kemp as a running mate. Buchanan reaffirms his commitment to the Republican party and to defeating Clinton, despite a bitter race against Dole earlier in the year.

56:45Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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