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Raw footage for the 1996 documentary "None of the Above," an in-depth look at non voters in the U.S. In this video, Joe Cummings does street interviews with Chicago residents during the 1996 Democratic National Convention.

00:00Copy video clip URL Cummings jokes around as they get started, saying he’s voting for America and complains about the cost of hamburgers.

02:00Copy video clip URL Cummings goes out to the street and interviews people. He speaks with Terry Ataway, who says it doesn’t bother him that people don’t vote. He also speaks with Gina Rodriguez who says that it stinks that people don’t vote. Another man, Ray Odie (?) says that we have a civic duty to vote.

04:45Copy video clip URL Bill Murtitis, deputy chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, compares the U.S. to other countries that have higher rates of voting and says that we take our democracy for granted. Helen Hopkins from New Jersey agrees, commenting that voting is what makes this country great.

07:03Copy video clip URL Lou Barnett says he will not vote because he’s studying to be a Jehovah’s Witness.

08:54Copy video clip URL Bruce Japsen says that it’s too bad for that people don’t vote and asks for credentials from Cummings.

11:55Copy video clip URL Gene Ferris calls it pathetic that people don’t vote, and notes that he has voted in every election since he was eighteen. At the same time, he says he understands a friend’s point of view who chooses not to vote due to disagreement with the system.

15:55Copy video clip URL Cummings rides in a cab and converses with the cab driver about his travels. He speaks about Chicago, as well.

18:20Copy video clip URL Cummings goes back on the street and begins interviewing people again. He speaks with a Chinese newspaper reporter, Brice Wang.

19:45Copy video clip URL Dawn Suter from Evanston says that people should choose a platform and vote for the platform rather than the person, noting that personalities have taken too much of a role in politics.

21:45Copy video clip URL Suetta Humphrey from Country Club Hills says that she marched for Dr. King and that people need to be encouraged to vote.

23:00Copy video clip URL Cummings enters the Hilton Hotel and interviews Mary Perry, an alternate delegate from Meridian, Mississippi who says that the issues are not always heard by people and that’s why they don’t vote. She says that she doesn’t converse with people who don’t vote.

26:08Copy video clip URL Bobby Sekis (?) from Aberdeen says that it’s pathetic that people don’t vote. He points out that a lot of low income and less educated people and certain racial groups are the ones who don’t vote. He says that he may run for legislature in the future.

29:30Copy video clip URL Gene Rossey (?) from Alexandria, Virginia claims that lack of voting is one of the main problems with our society. His wife, Diane, also speaks, saying that it’s so important to vote, and that many people don’t vote because they feel like their issues are not being discussed.

31:50Copy video clip URL Judy Sheahan from Washington, D.C. claims that we should abolish the electoral college, which would help encourage people to vote.

33:45Copy video clip URL Harriet Bass from New Jersey says that people need to vote. Max Bass says that voting is a privilege and when people don’t vote it’s a catastrophe.

35:30Copy video clip URL Cummings leaves the hotel and talks about the DNC of 1968 and the contrast to how things are in 1996.

37:30Copy video clip URL Police Officer Jack Lockran says that he was present for the 1968 convention. They both discuss their experiences and Chicago as a city.

42:50Copy video clip URL Fred Branch speaks about his experience as a protester in the 1968 convention and his role in the 1996 as a host and representative of the convention. He says that those who don’t vote likely do not understand the benefits that the government offers them.

46:44Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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