Novo Dextro: Purity & Danger

Documentary by Bill Stamets about the American Nazi Party's "anti-queer, pro-life" rally held in 1982 in Chicago's Lincoln Park in response to the city's annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade.

0:02Copy video clip URL Color bars, black.

1:00Copy video clip URL Novo Dextro: Purity and Danger. A female commentator talks about violence over footage of accidents and soldiers practicing with their guns in a parade. 

3:15Copy video clip URL A woman, Connie Summers, from the American Nazi party announces that they, and the KKK, will be holding an anti-queer rally in Lincoln Park. Footage of anti-protestors in the park. A gay man talks about eliminating stereotypes. Voices from both sides explain their ideologies over footage of the park. 

6:24Copy video clip URL A man from Michigan talks about his decision to come to Chicago to support the Nazi rally. Various members supporting the Nazi Party talk about their ideology. 

14:27Copy video clip URL A woman asks why the group is in the neighborhood, and says they are not welcome. Nazi voices speak about their strategies over footage of the lake. Footage of the Nazi group preparing set to music.

18:30Copy video clip URL They arrive at the park and see counter-protestors. Footage of the two groups and the police at the park. A few counter-protestors explains why he has come to the park, including a German man and a young boy. 

29:30Copy video clip URL Man leading the counter-protest. Signs from the rally. Singers performing for the counter-protest.

32:49Copy video clip URL A man talks about how the counter-protest went. Footage from the day.

35:06Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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