[Once a Star raw: Bowie Kuhn in NYC #3]

This tape contains the continuation of an interview with former Major League Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn (1926-2007), shot for the 1986 television special "Once A Star."

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:55Copy video clip URL Kuhn is sitting in his law firm’s board room. Producer Tom Weinberg asks Kuhn about the plans to reestablish the Washington Senators franchise in Washington, D.C.

02:43Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks Kuhn if he feels he will have a PR problem in trying to bring baseball back to Washington. Kuhn states that he hopes his former commissioner status will propel the process. He then states that people in D.C. are going to be more worried about whether the team is operated properly.

04:06Copy video clip URL Weinberg continues to ask Kuhn about the plans to reestablish the Washington Senators franchise. Kuhn isn’t sure, but says that people have been speculating it may happen in 1987. Kuhn goes on to talk about a 1977 dealing between Marvin Davis (Davis once owned the Denver Broncos) and Charlie O’Finley. Kuhn tried to get Finley to sell the Oakland Athletics to Davis. The deal ultimately fell through.

08:11Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks Kuhn to elaborate on television’s influence on the game of baseball. Kuhn talks about taking over the negotiation of network contracts during his time as MLB Commissioner. He shares a story about approaching NBC Vice President of Sports Carl Lindemann with the idea of broadcasting a night game during the World Series in 1971. Kuhn states that his last “gift to baseball” was a deal that permitted seven consecutive night games during the World Series. “I happen to think that’s the way to serve the public and serve baseball at the same time.” Kuhn also talks about putting together a dual deal between ABC and NBC to cover Major League Baseball in 1976. Kuhn then talks about Howard Cosell’s contributions to the game. “Howard lent excitement to a baseball game and attracted a more diverse audience of viewers.” Kuhn also talks about incorporating CBS Radio into national coverage of MLB.

15:44Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks Kuhn about his thoughts on the rule differences between the American and National Leagues, specifically citing the designated hitter rule. Kuhn states that he toyed with enforcing the designated hitter rule in the National League. Weinberg goes on to ask Kuhn about his voting record during stalemate situations in the MLB.

18:15Copy video clip URL Kuhn talks about his regrets about his time as MLB Commissioner. “Why didn’t I bring about a great harmony between the clubs and the players? […] It become difficult for me to try to get the rapport that I hoped I would have been able to achieve.”

20:32Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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