[Once a Star raw: Phoenix, Arizona #6]

This tape includes an interview with Hall of Fame Leo Durocher (1905-1991) and sports writer Dick Dozer (1925-1994) in Phoenix, Arizona. Shot for the television series "Once A Star."

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:49Copy video clip URL Leo Durocher is coached by the videomakers before their interview. Durocher introduces himself to the camera and comments on on his taking part in the Dream Game.

01:52Copy video clip URL Durocher talks about living in Palm Springs, CA, playing golf, and staying fit. He goes on to talk about the rise and fall of the ’69 Cubs ball club. “I probably made more mistakes than they did. I couldn’t do anything right either. I tried everything and nothing worked, but to be associated with those kind of fellas was a real thrill for me.”

05:33Copy video clip URL Durocher talks about some of his treasured moments from his baseball career. He talks about his time spent in St. Louis. Durocher states that he is now the only one alive out of the starting line-up. Durocher then talks about his managerial experience in the MLB and his World Series victories. His greatest thrill was to be a part of the St. Louis Cardinals ball club that won the World Series in 1954.

10:47Copy video clip URL Producer Tom Weinberg asks Durocher about any players who he believed never got the recognition they deserved. Durocher emphasizes his support for Billy Williams to be inducted into the MLB Hall Of Fame. Durocher gets fairly emotional and talks about the Hall Of Fame’s stagnancy in inducting “sure thing players.” When asked about his possible induction into the Hall Of Fame he states that he doesn’t worry about anything that he doesn’t have control over, but that he would love to be inducted.

13:18Copy video clip URL Cut to Fergie Jenkins signing autographs. Cubs players warm up out on the field before the game. Al Spangler and Gene Oliver share a few words with one another.

15:49Copy video clip URL Billy Williams throws the ball around with his fellow teammates. Leo Durocher makes conversation with a friend out on the field.

17:08Copy video clip URL Producer Tom Weinberg interviews sports writer Dick Dozer about his thoughts on the Dream Game. Dozer spent about twenty-nine years at the Chicago Tribune. He talks about the problems that plagued the Cubs towards the end of the ’69 season, stating that the Cubs had “no chance” to catch the Mets when they passed them in the rankings. Dozer goes on to talk about Dick Selma’s positive effect on the bleacher bums.

20:56Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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