ONE Retrospective

An overview of the work and accomplishments of Organization of the Northeast, which advocates for social justice issues in Chicago, primarily in the Uptown neighborhood.

00:09Copy video clip URL Camera opens on intro for ONE. A man walks around with a camera and asks, “who runs things in Uptown?” A voiceover talks about the use of land and zoning in a neighborhood. He speaks particularly about the development of two high-rises on a particular street in Uptown. Footage of a capitol zoning development board. Poor audio quality. They cover protests of involved banks in the area. Statements and chanting from the protestors who want a new police district in uptown. 

21:08Copy video clip URL Cut to black. A man invites people to talk. A different man interviews a woman about her life experiences. She describes her upbringing and education. She speaks about her artistic practice.

27:48Copy video clip URL A woman interviews a man named John Clay. They speak about television, theatre, and video art. 

32:31Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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