Our View From The Red Line

In collaboration with Family Matters organization, Beyond Media made this documentary about the Rogers Park neighborhood in Chicago, IL. This documentary places a focus in the North of Howard area of Roger's Park. Residents of the neighborhood share their stories, including their hopes and fears for the future of North of Howard in Rogers Park.

00:02Copy video clip URL Opening text: “Rogers Park was incorporated as a village in 1878. In 1893 North of Howard was annexed to the city of Chicago. North of Howard: an oral history” presented over photos of maps of Illinois and Rogers Park. 

00:18Copy video clip URL Musical montage of images of the Rogers Park Neighborhood and residents. Title card: “Our View from the Red Line” 

01:13Copy video clip URL Martina Rocha, Grady Humphrey, Eva McCann, Gladys Hyde, Anne Lambey, Tawanna Brown, Ashley Johnson, Mary Jo Doyle, Michael Glasser, Veronica Florencio, and other residents discuss the cultural diversity in the Rogers Park neighborhood as well as changes they’ve witnessed in the neighborhood over the years. 

04:52Copy video clip URL Rogers Park residents Faydra Quarles, Charisma Pruett, and Mary Jo Doyle recall their familiarity with the neighborhood and their memories. Interspersed with clips of neighborhood shops and streets. 

06:45Copy video clip URL Residents discuss the picketing to close down bars on Paulina Street. Nadine Friday says that she only lets her grandchildren go outside in the neighborhood when she’s with them and that she wants to see change happen so the neighborhood can feel safe. 

08:40Copy video clip URL Young residents talk about the violence they see in their neighborhood of Rogers Park. 

11:51Copy video clip URL Discussions of gentrification taking place in Rogers Park. 

18:28Copy video clip URL Residents discuss racial profiling they’ve been victim to in their community by police. 

20:25Copy video clip URL Rap performed by 

22:47Copy video clip URL Discussions of positive changes that have happened in the neighborhood. 

23:40Copy video clip URL Joe Moore, Forty-ninth ward alderman, discusses building the Gale Community Park and  Playground, followed by a community meeting about building a community center within the park.  

26:22Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “After the community’s hard work, the Park District came to North of Howard Residents with a new plan. . .” cut to Joe Moore explaining that the community center has been approved to be built in the park, onscreen text: “The Field House construction is scheduled to ‘break ground’ in Fall 2003.”

27:47Copy video clip URL Credits, “Dedicated to the North of Howard residents displaced by condominiums. 




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