Out of Context: Pottery, Peter Goodrich Obituary, Ski Jumping

An edition of "Out of Context: A Video Magazine of Woodstock" featuring segments about pottery artist Phil Bressler, an obituary for co-organizer of the Woodstock music festival Peter Goodrich, and an internaional ski jumping competition.

00:41Copy video clip URL Scored to Alice Cooper’s “Halo of Flies,” an artist slowly draws out the title card for “WCV Presents.”

02:08Copy video clip URL Title card, with echo effects, for “Out of Context: A Video Magazine of Woodstock.” The narrator introduces the program and acknowledges support from the New York State Council on the Arts. 

02:30Copy video clip URL A profile of potter Phil Bressler. Bressler demonstrates his pottery techniques, starting with the kneading of the clay. He puts it on the wheel and shapes it while describing his actions. 

09:46Copy video clip URL Bressler finishes the vase and puts it on the shelf to dry. He shows off other pottery he’s made and discusses his history with the artform while prepping another vase for glaze.

12:00Copy video clip URL Bressler places vases in the kiln. He discusses the process of cooking and glazing pottery. 

15:49Copy video clip URL A montage of footage of Bressler sculpting and shaping a vase.

16:24Copy video clip URL A video obituary memorializing a member of the Woodstock community.”An obituary column in a video magazine seems heavy, and even morbid. In attempting to provide a vital means for all of us to share the totality of life’s experience, we offer in memorium in the now-no-longer-life of Peter Goodrich, that we may be silent, and he live.”

16:52Copy video clip URL Goodrich speaks about the cultural evolution of artistic sensibilities.

19:09Copy video clip URL Children make funny faces for the camera.

20:18Copy video clip URL An international ski jumping competition featuring skiers from all over the world. Actor and skier Dean Shambach serves as commentator.

22:36Copy video clip URL The ski jumping competition begins. Numerous successful jumps. 

25:43Copy video clip URL Chuck Berghorn, one of the ski jumpers, speaks to Shambach about competing against elite international skiers. 

27:10Copy video clip URL Berghorn’s jump. More jumpers. 

29:05Copy video clip URL Shambach speaks to John Bauer, an American Gold medalist and skiing coach, about America’s prospects for competing in ski jumping internationally and about how to interest more Americans in the sport. 

31:12Copy video clip URL The “WCV Presents” title card is erased by hand. The artist slowly writes “Than you WCV.” The camera zooms in goes out of focus and back into focus to reveal a credit for “Jerry Davis.” 




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