Out of Context: Art in the Out of Doors, Film Festival, Food Prices, Library Clothing Sale

Reports about people and events in Woodstock, including a tutorial for arts and crafts with children in the woods, an underground/experimental film festival, interviews with residents about rising food prices, and footage of a community clothing sale held to raise money for the library.

00:06Copy video clip URL A recording of Aaron Copland’s “Saturday Night Waltz” plays. No image. 

00:26Copy video clip URL Toni Henderson introduces herself and the program, about “Art in the Out of Doors” in voiceover as she walks through the woods. Images of her and her children. “What we did, myself, my daughter Laura, and her friend Brian Abrams was go out into the woods and over to a stream, find the things that looked interesting to us and put them together in various different art forms. These are all projects that are quite simple. Things that you could do at home with your children….”

01:09Copy video clip URL Henderson narrates their activities over footage of the children collecting materials for their art projects. The children start drawing and using glue, incorporating twigs, bark, pine cones, and other materials into their artwork. 

03:41Copy video clip URL Henderson displays one of the finished works and talks about the children’s work. Footage of the kids playing in the woods. 

05:03Copy video clip URL Children running in the grass, scored by a recording of Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring.” 

05:47Copy video clip URL Henderson explains the process they used to make prints of leaves and other materials, using oil-based inks. Footage of Brian talking about his prints.

07:25Copy video clip URL Henderson talks about pasting natural materials onto drawings to give them texture and depth. 

08:00Copy video clip URL Playing in a stream. Collecting and painting rocks on the shore. The fun and utility of getting children to collect materials for art projects. 

10:55Copy video clip URL An artwork made by the children with the caption “This is called a pine tree. It has cones and needles.” Other artworks. 

11:25Copy video clip URL A male narrator wraps up the program and speaks about Toni Henderson. More footage of the children.

12:28Copy video clip URL Rosalind Schneider, Leonard Horowitz, and Bel Purdy talk about a film festival in Woodstock showcasing underground and experimental cinema. The festival will include a performance by Jud Yalkut. 

14:40Copy video clip URL Horowitz talks about his filmmaking, which he says is an extension of his earlier work as a painter. 

15:12Copy video clip URL Purdy discusses her films and how she got into filmmaking. Schneider promotes events that will take place during the festival, including a triple-screen projection. 

17:38Copy video clip URL Scott Gannon, a young boy, interviews Woodstock residents about their feelings on the price of food. The first interviewee is reliant on food stamps and feels that the price of food is “quite high.” Conversation about the reasons for it. The next interviewee blames high prices “entirely on President Nixon.” Other interviewees share similar sentiments. 

20:55Copy video clip URL A young woman tells Gannon: “I think food stamps are where it’s at. They’re groovy man, and they’re far out.” More residents discuss the high prices of food. One man talks about growing more of his own food because it’s so expensive to purchase. Others discuss eating mostly vegetarian meals and holding communal meals. 

26:26Copy video clip URL The library clothing sale fair on July 20. People shopping at outdoor tables and tents. 

27:20Copy video clip URL End of video. 



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