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This is raw footage shot for Julie Gustafson's documentary, "The Politics of Intimacy." In this seminal feminist video, ten women address the camera and seemingly each other in a wide-ranging exploration of such previously taboo subjects as women’s sexuality, power, and fears about intimacy. This interview is with Joanne Bauer. Originally shot in 1/2" B & W video.

00:26Copy video clip URL Expressing sexuality through dancing  

01:25Copy video clip URL The physicality of feeling sexual  

02:26Copy video clip URL Vulnerability of feeling sexual around men  

03:05Copy video clip URL Not feeling in touch with sexual feelings  

04:13Copy video clip URL Finding sexual pleasure after having sexual intercourse experiences with men. Becoming sexually aware awhile after having sex with partners 

05:13Copy video clip URL Masturbation 

07:30Copy video clip URL Feeling resentful about being sexually unaware  

08:15Copy video clip URL Speaks on the differences between how sexual anatomy for men and women is handled in society  

08:47Copy video clip URL Sexual responses during foreplay and during intercourse  

09:25Copy video clip URL Having sexual experiences with inexperienced men shaping personal lack of enjoyment with sex  

10:30Copy video clip URL Feeling uncomfortable with sharing thoughts surrounding not having orgasms and not enjoying the sex she has had in the past  

11:18Copy video clip URL The fear and pressures to have an orgasm impacts arousal 

12:30Copy video clip URL Feeling jealous when partners have orgasms  

12:52Copy video clip URL Shares the struggles she experiences when partners stop after their orgasm and feeling cut off, unable to continue to reach her orgasm 

14:10Copy video clip URL Experiencing sexual arousal intensely but that arousal completely goes away when intercourse begins 

15:30Copy video clip URL Challenges of communicating with partners about attention needed and displeasure  

16:38Copy video clip URL Feeling oppressed by a man’s Pensis and penis ejaculation  

17:16Copy video clip URL Creating boundaries around sperm inside her after ejaculation with future partners  

18:16Copy video clip URL Clitoris irritation after heavy intercourse  

19:20Copy video clip URL Feeling passive surrounding sexual pleasures and displeasures. 

19:49Copy video clip URL Fear of regressing back to not speaking up for wants in future romantic relationships, fear of being viewed as aggressive  

20:14Copy video clip URL Feeling obligated to have sexual intercourse  

20:33Copy video clip URL Reflections of self-worth  

24:39Copy video clip URL Oral sex  

26:56Copy video clip URL Interviewer speaks to their experience of sexual intercourse being very orgasm and man oriented and if it wasn’t she would more than likely have an orgasm, Joanne agrees 

27:57Copy video clip URL Overthinking causing a disconnect from body and mind during intercourse  

28:58Copy video clip URL The feelings of hatred after having intercourse with men when feeling unfulfilled and attended to sexually  

29:58Copy video clip URL Speaks on good sexual experiences and how not overthinking effected experience 

30:20Copy video clip URL Experiencing some guilt around feeling sexually satisfied 

31:20Copy video clip URL Reflects back on positive sexual experience and what made it successful  

33:02Copy video clip URL Video ends. 



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