One of the many incarnations of Punchline, a show that never came to fruition. The show features people from all over the country telling jokes on-camera.

0:00Copy video clip URL Opening for Punchline.

1:01Copy video clip URL Bill Visteen, host, explains the structure of the show.

1:37Copy video clip URL Assorted people tell jokes on the street.

5:18Copy video clip URL Einstein explains that the best jokes start with surprises.

5:55Copy video clip URL Bill Cosby does commercial for Coca-Cola.

6:24Copy video clip URL Commercial for Pam.

6:56Copy video clip URL Punchline returns. Visteen explains that there are people who research the science of humor. He introduces clips from a national convention on jokes.

7:35Copy video clip URL People go up on stage and tell jokes at the convention at Arizona State University. Man from Waynesboro, VA, wins the joke-telling contest and receives $16.

10:50Copy video clip URL Visteen claims that airports are places of great joy and introduces clips of people reuiniting at airports.

11:22Copy video clip URL Clips of people hugging and kissing at airports.

12:33Copy video clip URL Commercial for Pizza Hut.

13:03Copy video clip URL Commercial for Nerf basketballs.

13:33Copy video clip URL Punchline returns. More clips of jokes, includ ing one by Dan Castenella.

16:05Copy video clip URL Ronald Reagan on C-Span. He asks if the cameras are off and then thumbs his fingers at the crowd.

16:22Copy video clip URL Visteen claims that M orey Amsterdam of the Dick Van Dyke show has written most of the funny jokes in this world.

16:50Copy video clip URL Amsterdam and longtime partner Rose Marie talk about jokes for their acts.

19:34Copy video clip URL Commercial for Great American Federal Savings.

20:04Copy video clip URL Commercial for Polaroid.

20:35Copy video clip URL Punchline returns. People tell jokes about Beethoven and then other assorted jokes.

22:54Copy video clip URL Visteen introduces a joke that ‘ s been all over the country about Michael Jackson and then encourages people to call the Punchline hotline. He then closes the show.

23:45Copy video clip URL Shots of crazy laughter.

24:03Copy video clip URL Space for credits.

25:14Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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