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  • Clinton Defends Clinton

    Clinton Defends Clinton

    In the Clintons’ long political history together, each has played the supporting role at some point in time. As much as their reciprocal campaigning has garnered support, it has led to some public missteps that have proved difficult to sweep under the rug or past the ever-vigilant media. Hillary has been haunted by remarks she made in 1996, calling certain children “super predators” in defense of racially discriminatory criminal justice legislation like her husband’s 1994 crime bill.  On a few occasions, Bill … Continue reading

  • Behind the Curtain of the Presidential Debates

    Behind the Curtain of the Presidential Debates

    Tonight Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will meet up in Milwaukee for yet another debate. The candidates undoubtedly have spent quite a bit of time honing their talking points and anticipating the questions they’ll face. As you’ll see in this video below, the preparation actually goes much further than just the rhetoric–candidates are prepared for the color palette of the room, the precise number of inches between their podium and their opponents’, and much more. The video takes place in … Continue reading

  • [Gore and Bradley in Iowa]

    [Gore and Bradley in Iowa]

    Brief news clip covering Al Gore and Bill Bradley’s campaigns in Iowa before the 2000 Iowa Caucus. Continue reading

  • [Five news stories from 1992]

    [Five news stories from 1992]

    This series of five news stories from 1992 includes coverage of the Clinton/Gore campaign, welfare cuts in Michigan, and the Chicago flood, as well as a segment from the “Fighting Cancer” series which aired on the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour. Continue reading

  • [Speculations that Gary Hart will withdraw]

    [Speculations that Gary Hart will withdraw]

    Gary Hart failed to appear at a scheduled campaign stop in New Hampshire, fueling speculations that Hart was withdrawing from the race following allegations that he had engaged in an extramarital affair. Continue reading

  • [1988 Republican National Convention]

    [1988 Republican National Convention]

    This series of news reports covers the 1988 Republican National Convention, focusing on Dan Quayle’s nomination and the subsequent media controversy. Continue reading

  • [Michael Dukakis – Ohio primary]

    [Michael Dukakis – Ohio primary]

    This news report covers the slowly increasing success of Michael Dukakis’ campaign to win the Democratic nomination in the 1988 presidential election. Dukakis is campaigning in Ohio in preparation for the state’s primary election. Continue reading

  • [1988 Super Tuesday results]

    [1988 Super Tuesday results]

    These two news clips cover the results of Super Tuesday leading up to the Democratic nomination for the 1988 presidential election, including an interview with Michael Dukakis following his strong showing in the elections. Continue reading

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